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Argan Oil for Skin

We all lead very busy lives these days and sometimes it is easy to forget that we only have one life and in order to enjoy all of lives pleasures we all need to have good healthy bodies.

Experts recommend that it is necessary to achieve a good lifestyle and work/life balance in order to keep up with the demanding schedules that many of us have to follow. One excellent rule that I abide by is to acknowledge that we only have one body.

Skin the Largest Organ

The largest organ on your body is skin; it covers us from head to toe, without it we couldn’t function. We would be unable to feel, pain, heat and cold. The tender touch of a loved one. There are so many toxins in the environment these days and free radicals.

Treat your skin to Argan Oil

In Morocco I discovered Pure Argan oil. This Moroccan oil has been around for hundreds of years the Moroccan Berbers have been using this for as long as time really. When you have the source on your doorstep you take it for granted that everyone knows about it, but I found out about Argan oil on a recent trip there.


Anyway we in the West are beginning to learn a thing or two from the wonderful benefits of using Argan oil.

Used as a moisturiser on the skin it will add radiance to your complexion, neutralising the condition of your skin. It will prevent breakouts on the surface and smooth out acne scarring.

Pure Argan oil which is 100% pure, preservative free & particularly effective for people who suffer with Psoriasis and Eczema.

Psoriasis sufferers will be amazed when the silvery patches on their skin start to disappear along with the burning inflammation and bone pain associated with their condition. Massaging the affected area on a regular basis, two to three times per day should be enough in the beginning then used regularly on a nightly basis will repair the skin and penetrate the dermis layers below.

Eczema sufferers can say goodbye to itchy, red, sore patches and marvel at their own skin’s ability to repair itself within only a few days of applying Pure Argan oil.

100ml Pure Argan Oil with AtomiserArgan Oil

Pure 100%, deodorised, paraben free Argan oil is the best purest Moroccan oil in the world. It is sourced and produced in Morocco and although rare is gaining in popularity because of its healing properties.

Not only is it the number one formula for healthy skin. I would challenge anyone to find a finer hair conditioner that is completely organic and additive free.

Shelf Life

It is a light, mild golden coloured oil and you can tell when it has been deodorised properly as it should emit no odour or perfume. The culinary oil smells nutty. When you purchase Argan oil if it smells nutty use it as a salad dressing or in a sauce for cooking, you’ll know when you have the deodorised version due to the lack of smell. Start using it and ‘oh boy’ you’ll notice the difference right away, the word is out. Spread it around.


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